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Galadriel 2007
Welcome to my blog! You will find that the majority of my posts these days are in regards to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (lgbt) rights, but not exclusively. Hopefully you will find it informative and/or entertaining.

A few pointers for those of you not familiar with the Live Journal format:

There are "tags" on the right and on corresponding articles. You can click on them to filter only "lgbt," for anything related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population, for example. Click on a title to get the direct link address. Click on "Her Voice was Clear and Musical..." to return to this page.

If you have a LJ account and decide to friend me, please PM me and let me know who you are and if you want me to friend you back.

New info: Many entries are public, but I will only allow friends to comment. LJ is getting too many phantom users that post spam in my Journal. Sorry that a few assholes have to spoil it for everyone else.

Mock Up for Galadriel's White Council Dress

galadriel 2011
It has begun!

As an amateur sewer with limited free time, this will take awhile, but it is my top priority for the spring and summer. Until there's enough to drape on the dress form, the pieces will hide under a table cloth on the dining room (aka sewing room) table when I'm not working on them to protect them from the cats. ;-)


Compare and Contrast

Crown back
I bought the Noble Collection Galadriel crown from "The Hobbit" as my Christmas present. Earlier, I bought the less expensive version from ELOPE.

Current prices:
Noble Collection $129.00
ELOPE $39.99

Side by side, NC left, ELOPE right

I thought the Noble Collection was movie-accurate, but receiving it, there is one difference, and it's right in front:
IMG_0212 arrow
The top center is closed. The purpose is to reinforce it. All the weight of the back bears on the center front of the crown.

ELOPE solved this problem by reinforcing it from the back:
IMG_0103 arrow
More picturesCollapse )

Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead

Pride Flag
"No one has done more to turn the next generation away from anti-LGBT bias than Fred Phelps. In this sense, he was a monumental failure who achieved the polar opposite of what he set out to accomplish. His main legacy is ripping off the Religious Right’s mask and exposing them as fraudulent haters and hypocrites. In a world full of plastic people, at least Phelps was authentic, even if it was authentic evil."

Truth Wins Out: Why This Gay Activist Will Miss Fred Phelps

The Truth as I See It

galadriel 2011
I usually keep these thoughts to myself, as the majority of this country is Christian. But here it is.

Christians, watch with caution. This is why I no longer believe in what the Bible says.

A Gay Football Player?

galadriel 2011
Some in the NFL think that a gay football player would be too much of a distraction. Because they have never had anything distracting happen before, right, Michael Vick?

galadriel 2011
Although, in all fairness, we have not been without our water issues lately.


galadriel 2011

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