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Galadriel 2007
Welcome to my blog! You will find that the majority of my posts these days are in regards to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (lgbt) rights, but not exclusively. Hopefully you will find it informative and/or entertaining.

A few pointers for those of you not familiar with the Live Journal format:

There are "tags" on the right and on corresponding articles. You can click on them to filter only "lgbt," for anything related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population, for example. Click on a title to get the direct link address. Click on "Her Voice was Clear and Musical..." to return to this page.

If you have a LJ account and decide to friend me, please PM me and let me know who you are and if you want me to friend you back.

New info: Many entries are public, but I will only allow friends to comment. LJ is getting too many phantom users that post spam in my Journal. Sorry that a few assholes have to spoil it for everyone else.


galadriel 2011
Neckline altered from the off-the-shoulder look of the original pattern.

Top of sleeve goes from the top of the shoulder to the collar. This will be hidden by the draped collar.

(Tootsie under the dining room table.)


galadriel 2011
I bought all new Galadriel wigs this year after wearing one for over 16 hours at Dragon*Con, including the Middle Earth dance party.

I show up at 3:18. Just look how that wig is sliding back and forth along my back!

Afterward, this was the underside of the wig:
Galadriel hair tangle

New wigs are from Wilshire wigs:
Synthetic hair, skin top. This is not a lace-front wig. I don't need lace front because Galadriel's hair is not brushed back from her face.

I bought one for the White Council, LOTR Galadriel, and one for wearing with hoods up. I don't like wearing the same wig for more than one day without detangling it, to minimize the chance it will be ruined (and no more dancing in them). Detangling takes a LONG time, so I don't want to do it at a convention.

I am experimenting with different methods of getting curl I want.

Spiral curls


Braids with a stiff 3/8" rope for bigger curlsIMG_0337

Back is one big braid which will remain in place so hair won't tangle under hoods.

Braids have worked in the past (see icon), if I got them in soon enough. I hope two months is enough time!


galadriel 2011
After three tries, my permanent bridge is finally in! It looks pretty much like the first one, except no dark line at the top.

The Project Continues

galadriel 2011
Pattern alterations. I've always thought my spatial skills were above average, but when it comes to this, I have trouble visualizing how to get what I want.

Costume Progress

galadriel 2011
Here is my Galadriel White Council mock-up to date. The only thing remaining is the hem (and some finishing touches which I will skip). This is per the pattern instructions, except I’ve made the skirt about 6 inches narrower. I started tapering it in at the hip. I think the movie version is very full, but since I will have no train, I don’t think the fullness will achieve the look I want. This dress emphasizes the hourglass figure more than the LOTR versions.
I need to hem it to see how well the dress form works to get a good hem on me. I’m guessing because I can’t get her tall enough to match me with my platform shoes on. How do tall people do it?

I plan to do a second partial mock-up – the bodice, collar and top of the sleeves. I want to cut it so that the princess seams fall where they should; they are too wide. I also want to tweak it so it’s more movie accurate. Here are some of the differences:Collapse )
tired Bella
...but the daughter of an old friend of mine is dead for no good reason.

I've said it before and I will probably say it again.

Attention, people who have decided that life is not worth living:

I am sorry for you. But if you plan to take yourself out, do the rest of us a favor: kill yourself and leave the rest of us alone. Crash your car into a rock, point the gun in your direction only, whatever the method, just leave everyone else out of it.


galadriel 2011
He drives a very valid point home in a very humorous way at the end of the interview.

(And once again, Live Journal, in its infinite wisdom, makes changes and messes up embed coding.)


galadriel 2011

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