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They forgot the arrows pointing to the likely Medicare/Social Security recepients. ;)


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May. 15th, 2011 02:25 pm (UTC)
This made me laugh my ass off, but it also makes me want to smack my head against the wall, too. And trust me, as a kneejerk, flaming liberal the government sometimes makes me beyond crazy with all the money wasted. (Like Michelle Bachman's salary for example. I also discovered that she and her family have been enjoying farm subsidies for years, so hopefully she will return them.)

If I had the power, I would LOVE to exempt the tea partiers from all taxes. However, there are strings attached. For example, they couldn't use:

-city water
-sewer systems
-the fire department
-public schools
-public defenders
-community colleges
-student loans
-roads and bridges
-social security, medicare or veteran's benefits. (I especially love the cut taxes/not defense sign. Dude.)

I could keep going. The one that always baffles me is the tea party hatred against food and health inspectors. As far as I know, being a member of the tea party does not exempt you from getting salmonella poisoning or mad cow disease. Unless they have secret mutant powers.

Thanks for the laugh, BB.
May. 15th, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it. I have to laugh. The alternative is too depressing.

This is from a Facebook page called, "You can't have a Tea Party without some Fruitcakes and Nuts."
May. 15th, 2011 09:03 pm (UTC)
Phone lines and power lines and equipment are tax generators (look at your next phone and power bills). Unless provided by municipalities which run such things, they are provided by non-govt entitites.

It's not much as cut taxes but reduce spending on stupid stuff (mandatory arabic in Texas public schools...uhm not really needed. Send scholoars to France to study something off the wall, no. Use net meeting. The waste in the NSF is somethign to behold) and properly budget for liabilities according to accounting rules and don't raid the pension or underfund and use the money for more polically expedient reasons. Social security would be much more solvent if Johnston didn't open it for the general fund, which was supposted to be a no-no under the initial legislation, and of course it was "temporary" but once the money spigot is on Washington didn't turn it off. So let's start with fixing that.

Most items posted in the humor pic are locally funded. In many places sidewalks, if they exist at all in a neighborhood, must be maintained by the homeowners. So it varies by locality.

Oh, does not Nancy Pelosi get subsidies or divert the min wage hike/environmental regulation from companies she profits from? (Dole, Starkist..) All politians need term limits.

Politics is a money game. It's all about the money, the problem is the govt keeps growing and wants more and more money and more and more debt. That shit needs to stop.
May. 15th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
Whether locally funded or federally funded, most of what's in the picture comes from tax revenue.

And yes, fat needs to be trimmed, but you don't slice off a hand to fix a hangnail. Spending is a serious problem and needs to be fixed with serious solutions, not arbitrarily defunding everything.

And the rich need to pay higher taxes. Or at least pay SOMETHING.
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