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I went to the Adam Lambert American Idol concert last Saturday.

This was a good group. I will likely buy Adam, Kris, and Allison’s albums. Also possibly Matt’s and Danny’s, depending on the buzz they get.

The bottom six made up the first half of the show. It was enjoyable, but with the exception of Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud, there were no surprises.

Lil was obviously more relaxed away from the judges’ eyes. She was no longer trying to channel Whitney Houston and just sang stuff she liked, sticking with the lower part of her range. Her set was fun and punchy.

Matt has good stage presence, along with a great sense of humor, and got the crowd to interact with him very well. He is also by far the best dancer of the bottom six. ;)

Allison’s set was great. She played the guitar a bit more than she did on the show. Simon’s “we need to make you more likable” comment is B.S. She is sweet, fun, and energetic and has a set of pipes that make her sound much older than her sixteen years.

Danny was OK. I am not his biggest fan. He has a good voice, but I think both on and off the show, he has shown poor judgment at times. One of the songs he sang at the concert was bordering on screeching – not quite as bad as “Scream On,” but he needs to stop having delusions of Adam and stick to songs in his range. He has not grown into a full-fledged performer, and he didn’t do much more than walk back and forth and make the same three arm gestures he made during Idol.

Saving the best for last, I’ll turn to Kris. I love Kris. I think what put him over the top on the show was not so obvious during the concert. I would like to have seen more than a verse of “Heartless,” where it was just him and the guitar. It would have been a sharp contrast to Adam’s larger-than-life performance, and I think it would have effectively debunked the “not big enough for the room” comments he got from Randy and Simon during the finale. Still, it was a good performance, ending with “Hey Jude” where the rest of the singers joined him, and the audience was encouraged to sing along.


O.M.G. This man doesn’t have stage presence; he has STAGE PRESENCE. He really knows how to work it. His performance was also a bit...um, erotic, hehe. Remember "Ring of Fire?" Well, during "Whole Lotta Love," I was reminded of Kristen Baldwin's comment on Idolatry when she was afraid he would follow up that performance by copulating with the microphone stand on stage. He may have taken that idea to heart....

…Where was I?

His set opened with “Whole Lotta Love,” followed by “Starlight” (by Muse), “Mad World,” “Slow Ride” (duet with Allison), and ended with a David Bowie medley….*sigh*

…Where was I?

I found a couple of videos that sounded half decent and that were shot with a fairly steady hand. Check out his spiky blue leather jacket. Allison and Adam were leaning back to back during their song, and I thought it must feel to Allison like lying on a bed of nails, lol.

At the end of this, he's on a platform being lowered beneath the stage.


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Aug. 29th, 2009 04:43 pm (UTC)
OMG so jealous, I love Adam!!! Glad you had fun!!! :D
Aug. 30th, 2009 12:37 am (UTC)
I'm glad I went. I was not the only "cougar" in the audience. Of course, many had the built-in excuse of bringing their daughters, but many came on their own, too. ;)
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