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A Sarcastic Response I Wish I'd Written

I didn’t mention this, but in mid-February, I had another letter to the editor published. I was going to write about it, but I wrote about the blog swarm instead. After that, I got that call from the guy I met at my stylist’s, and, um, I’ve been rather busy since. ;)

Yes, we are seeing each other. :)

The letter I wrote was based on the attitude that, if you’re going to criticize the President, criticize him for the things he’s actually done (or should be doing). It was an edited version of this entry. I shortened it, as required, to under 300 words and focused it on Obama’s lack of leadership.

My letter was written in response to all the Obama slamming I’ve seen in my local paper – slamming based on things like his supposed conspiracy to make this a completely Socialist/Communist country. The most ridiculous was a letter calling for his impeachment based on propaganda and his secret agenda, which the writer was supposedly privy to.

My letter was OK, but someone else wrote a much better one in response.

“Often, while reading the letters from conservative writers, I get angry. As I read *****’s 14 reasons for impeaching President Obama, I was inititially upset.

“Then I read reason number 14, where ***** indicated he knows of a ‘secret’ plan President Obama has to eliminate the Constitution and become a dictator.

“When I read this, instead of anger, I felt a serenity overtake me. Here in [our own city], we are blessed to have someone who has discovered a ‘secret’ plan to eliminate the republic.

“I only hope ***** forwards his information to the CIA, NSC, FBI and any other government agencies that have expertise in national security and law enforcement. I hope these agencies can stop this plot and, with *****’s advice, save the nation.”


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Mar. 4th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad to hear you've been busy!
Give me a call when you have a chance on Saturday, because... You know I want details.

I like your letter. I suspect it's probably better than this one. (Though I didn't see it, I saw the original post and I can imagine how you brougt it down to 300 words.)

This one, not by you, loses me in the third paragraph. I'm not "getting" the sarcasm, although I know that's what the writer feels and is trying to put across.
Just saying. ;)
Mar. 5th, 2010 02:05 am (UTC)
Oh, I totally got the sarcasm. This letter had me LOL. If you had seen the original "impeach Obama" letter, perhaps it would have helped. I no longer have a copy, but it was WAY over-the-top "I am privy to secrets and conspiracies you don't know" bullcrap. I mean just a complete nutjob.

Yeah, mine is not much different from my original post. I just shortened it.

I will be talking to you, but right now, I must get to bed.

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