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NYC - Part 2

Between Ron and Garmin, we arrived in NYC without any problems (When in doubt, I went with Ron’s directions!). We managed not to forget anything crucial. ;)

The original plan for Friday was for me to see “Billy Elliot” with Troy and Dom, who had generously bought my ticket. Since they weren’t coming, Dom e-mailed me the tickets. Now, it would be Ron and me with an extra seat. I offered it to Tom (Lacon on vanhansis.net), and he accepted.

Being this was NYC, I assumed people dressed up more for shows than they would around here. I was wrong. But that’s what I’d planned for. I didn’t ask a lot of Ron, because he doesn’t dress up much, but I convinced him to buy a sport coat. He looked pretty sharp, I must say.

But the thought of dressing up put me in a “costumey” mood (of course!). It was cool that weekend – 50’s during the day, 30’s or 40’s at night. I wore an outfit I’d put together for my company’s Christmas party: black palazzo pants with a shimmery dark purple surplice top. This outfit was not particularly warm, and I did not want to wear my casual jacket with it, so I added Galadriel’s Grey Havens cape over the outfit. Yes.

No, I did not take any pictures of it – EPIC FAIL! But it looked really sharp. The cape’s glitter really catches the street lights. I turned a lot of heads and got a few compliments, with one guy referring to it as an “opera cape.” Apparently a few people who were at the luncheon the next day had heard about it, too. Maybe from Tom. Hee.

While we waited for the show to start, Tom and I had a nice chat about ATWT, the actors, the fans, and our favorite fan fic authors. Ron has not seen ATWT, so he entertained himself by reading the program and looking around at the beautiful Imperial theatre.

We had seats near the front, but also near the side. Every seat in a live show has its advantages and disadvantages. Sitting off to the side may not be the optimal point of view for a show, but it offers a peek at things others cannot see, like some quick prep behind the main scene or someone cueing just before their entrance.

I’ve seen some pretty awesome engineering at work at the humble, local playhouse when it comes to sets. But it’s amazing what can be done when one has more space – and not just width and depth, but height. I really enjoyed seeing how sets changed. There were some crazy mechanics, as well as good old-fashioned hand-pushed elements.

“Billy Elliot” was a great show! It had everything: drama, comedy, singing and dancing. LOTS of really good dancing! Not to mention guys with dancer’s bodies in tights. *ahem*

I knew that Saturday would be a long, eventful day, so Ron and I opted out of any parties that were rumored to be going on, and walked back to our hotel to turn in.


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May. 1st, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
LOL, yeah, Tom mentioned that you had worn the cape. That's awesome. :-)

Glad you got to see a good show.
May. 2nd, 2010 03:07 am (UTC)
My costuming excursions are becoming legend, hehe.
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