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(belluthien, scroll down (behind the cut) if you're curious about their take on Casey (which wasn't all bad), if you don't want to actually watch it.

There is not a "farewell to Michael Lynche" episode, which I am rather disappointed about. But if you're interested in Michael Slezak's take, here is his recap of the top four performances:

All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirt

Here is the results night writeup - not by Slezak. He is referred to as being "on the mend." Not sure what he was mending from, but damn that RL stuff getting in the way of "Idolatry"! ;)

Film Schooled, written by Sandra Gonzalez.

Now that you're caught up, here's the latest idolatry episode:



Central Park, FTW!

There are five parts. Each part features a nice plug for a former Idol contestant's latest project: Jason Castro, Anoop Desai, Mishavonna (meh), We Are the Fallen (lead vocalist Carly Smithson, the Irish rocker from season seven), and Allison Iraheta - :)

Allison's bit had these words:

"The Rocker goes on tour this summer. And we hear our pal Adam gets to close for her! Congrats, Adam!"

Allison was the Idolatry favorite last year, in case you didn't pick up on that. ;)

The ending also mentions Kris Allen, who has been completely ignored by the judges all season. He is the Rodney Dangerfield of Idol winners, for sure.

"The name again, bitches: KRIS ALLEN"

Their take on Casey:

He is very talented, but he doesn't have the personality to be on Idol. He's not a reality show guy. He didn't play the game. His performances were not the best he could do, and by top three, he really didn't care anymore.

Crystal doesn't really play the game, either, but I think her self assuredness and talent put her in the top two, because the rest of the pack is mediocre in comparison.

Lee, on the other hand, is just talented enough, and has really put forth 100% every week. It wasn't always great, but he really tried his best. His earnest, aw-shucks personality and good looks helped, too.

That said, listening to Anoop's bit here, I realize that if he had been in this season's lineup, he would probably have made top two (He tied for sixth last year).


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