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I did not costume this day, but I wasn’t ready to just pack up and leave, either. There was one more panel I wanted to attend: “The Music of Star Wars.” I am a huge movie score geek, and John Williams is an absolute genius. It was an hour of pure, blissful movie music love. :)

I headed to the food court to meet belluthien and several other friends for lunch. It’s not D*C for me without one visit to Chick Fil-A. ;)

Just to procrastinate further, mellymel, Yvette and I went to the dealer rooms to look for a specific t-shirt Yvette wanted. But eventually, I had to make my way back to my room to pack. :(

Yvette helped me load my car (much less eventful than unloading it!), then after hugs and a few tears, I was finally on my way around 5 pm.

I stopped around midnight at a Comfort Inn. They offered me a wheelchair accessible room on the first floor, since they figured they wouldn’t get four people needing these rooms at that hour. The bars around the toilet are nice for hanging towels. ;)


Monday night, I felt the beginnings of Con Crud. I’ve never had any major problems with it before, so I guess this was my year. ;) I didn’t sleep well as a result. ;P

Now, allow me to digress from D*C for a few moments…

As I was eating breakfast, I got caught up on ATWT via YouTube. This was the big climax of the “Reid Oliver redemption story.” He dies a hero, leaving Luke alone. Not the ending that any of the show’s fans wanted, but we’d all been spoiled on the ending long ago. I knew Van Hansis was very proud of the acting he did that week – and rightly so. It was a full spectrum and a roller coaster ride because it happened so fast and unexpectedly. It was an Emmy-worthy performance, IMO.

As much as we fans gripe about the writing – and there was much to gripe about – some parts were quite nice, like the part where Luke asks Allison what it was like for Reid when they took out his heart. It brought home the fact that for everyone who gets another chance at life by getting a new heart, someone else has died.

Now, as I write this, the show has wrapped up completely. Luke's last day was almost non-existent, but Nuke fans were somewhat pleased with their last day together the day before. Now fan fic writers are getting busy writing the rest of the story. ;)

*(We now return you to our regularly scheduled D*C report)*

The drive home was difficult, as I was tired, and I made sure to stop every two hours or so. I still got home around 8:00 and called Ron before getting my sick self into bed. ;)

Now, two weekends and several doses of antibiotics later, I am feeling somewhat human again. Feeling Elvish will take a bit longer. ;)

The rest of my pictures


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Sep. 18th, 2010 09:15 pm (UTC)
Glad you made it home and that you're feeling a little better now.

As much as I disliked this storyline, I do hope Van is able to submit himself for the Daytime Emmys next year. He really deserves to be recognized for his time on the show.
Sep. 18th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
I hope he wins, too.
Sep. 19th, 2010 07:21 pm (UTC)
Lisa was pretty upset about the ending w/regards to Luke and Reid. Evidently, she has turned into quite a fan for those two together.

Haven't seen much of it beyond this clip.
Maybe someday I'll catch up.
Or maybe not.

Love the food court photo!
Caitlin looks really cute there, her skirt over the chair. =)
Sep. 19th, 2010 08:21 pm (UTC)
I've always been a "Nuke = endgame" fan - heck, even Eric Sheffer Stevens said Luke and Noah should be together in the end.

Nuke fans are slightly happier about the end, even though Luke is alone, because they could potentially be together down the road.

If they'd had more time, this could have played out a lot differently. It definitely turned into the "redemption of Reid" story with Luke/Van a supporting player - until Reid died. Then it was about Luke again.

It gave Van an opportunity for a great performance at the end, which I was happy about.

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but that one was fun.
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