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This Is Long, But Well Worth the Read

14 Propaganda techniques Used By Fox News

These are the same techniques used by cults and whole regimes. Yes, I said it.

Most who read this article will not need to. But it is fascinating in light of the recent Jon Stewart appearance on Fox News Sunday. So many of these techniques were applied both during the interview and in its aftermath. And I know by reading comments on conservative think tanks that for the hive, they have worked.


Jul. 3rd, 2011 10:15 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the link. I've bookmarked it.
And DAMN, I wish we had laws like that here.

I've often thought I'd rather live in Canada. U.S. News drives me NUTS.

News in Germany was different, too. Really rather peaceful and boring to listen to, but they talked issues. (I watched the news as one method to learn to speak German. ;-) I do not watch news in the U.S, as you might have guessed from my first comment.) Maybe there's a similar law in Europe. Wouldn't surprise me.

Sorry to hear your Dad is similarly addicted. It makes me sad to think how peoples lives are filled up with lies and fear. There is almost nothing else they want to talk about.

My Mom has become paranoid. Fear is the only thing on her mind.

Her clamour to help me see the light has driven a wedge between us. I will not see this light, and she is frustrated beyond belief.

I'm sure sharing this with your Dad would not lead to anything constructive. And no, you don't want drama because of it leveled against your Canadian friends, or your contact with them... I understand keeping the peace.

I'm wondering if there are any stories out there about people who manage to break free of the brainwash. Sadly, I think that rarely happens.

I'm a pessimist, though.

The brainwash tactics are also the ones used by the SS in Nazi Germany. I think thats where JKR got her ideas for the Death Eaters.

This list is good for people like us. Indeed, I agree with you, and I'm bookmarking it for my own mental health.

And HAHAHA on your last P.P.S! Omgosh, I cracked up! ;-)

Jul. 4th, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
I'm all for free speech, but a law requiring shows that promote themselves as news to use actual facts would not be crossing a line, IMO.

When a commentary is being used, the word "commentary" should appear on the screen.

And Faux should say, "for entertainment purposes only." The Daily Show has more facts than anything on Faux Noise.


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