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...the senators in Washington took the cowardly route. Preserving their own jobs is more important to them than doing what the overwhelming majority of the American people want. Fire them! Vote them out! They don't care about you!

This is as pissed as I've ever seen our President.


Apr. 21st, 2013 08:54 pm (UTC)
pt. 1
I read the PM; that's a laundry list! You do have my sympathies. And long reply is long, and I have to break it up, and I do apologize because this is mostly uninteresting and boring as shit to read - but explanations are necessary for my part.

Two conditions I know of that I have are severe hypothyroidism (hence the "that I know of" because there are related problems the doctor and I are still searching for - when you can practically starve yourself and exercise daily and still lose only 15 pounds in several months' time, more than once, there's a problem; it's simply not identified and may never be in my lifetime, who knows) and sleep apnea. The apnea is far more manageable with a CPAP machine, thank heavens.

I'll have to read what you sent me again to make sure I catch specifics later on, but I did read it, and your comments here, and there are general things that jump out at me that I still can't agree with. I can agree with a few comments, such as, problems with the ACA - they exist. I know many people are not happy with the forced-purchase requirement from private insurance; I'm one of them. I also realize any new legislation is going to mean new charges are incurred. This applies to almost anything.

Does it mean we should never pass new legislation? No. My feeling on the ACA is, after 200-plus years of being in existence, this country finally caught up with others that provide health care with citizens' tax money instead of starting wars with it all the time like the U.S. is good at doing. Specific changes to problems within it can always be made after that.

Personally, I wish insurance for HC would just go away and we went back to financially dealing directly with the dentist/doctor. If that happened I suspect service would get ALOT cheaper.

For non-terminal, non-serious health issues, I agree. But the halcyon days of health care had its problems, too. Sure, if you just needed a checkup or a minor surgery, you could self-finance and manage payment in a reasonable time. But what about those with cancer or long-term illnesses, for instance? What if you needed a heart transplant at the age of 35? And what if you don't belong to the local church or don't want to join? It's not like everybody has access to charity help in situations like these.

The whole point of insurance is that a whole bunch of people are supposed to pool reasonable premiums on the expectation they will get sick and need care that costs more than they've paid in, aggregate - whereas the insurance company banks on most people NOT getting that sick. The problem isn't with government interference in this case - much of it is that government hasn't interfered ENOUGH, by instituting caps on administrative and executive salaries within the private insurance industry, and leaving more of what's paid in available to pay doctors (or, rather, making it so those paying in don't have to pay as much).

I'm a journalist; I understand I'm never going to make a lot of money in my field. Health insurance administration should be the same way. Instead, it's become a field you can go into and make a tidy sum of cash. (I feel the same way about any other kind of insurance too.) Regulation could crack down on this.

This segues into my second point: The problem I have with Libertarians is that while they have admirable ideals and goals, many are not good at taking actual human behavior into consideration. The goal of capitalism (such as in health care administration) is incompatible with health care - period. It's also incompatible with basic travel a nation as large as ours needs for worker bees to run the economy (meaning, we should look into nationalizing the petroleum supply in this country, instead of leaving it in the hands of a few greedy little Guses who can charge whatever they want without regard for actual supply and demand working in concert - and they get government subsidies to do it!).


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