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...the senators in Washington took the cowardly route. Preserving their own jobs is more important to them than doing what the overwhelming majority of the American people want. Fire them! Vote them out! They don't care about you!

This is as pissed as I've ever seen our President.


Apr. 21st, 2013 08:56 pm (UTC)
pt. 3 (Jesus God, this went on)
I don't know what you and your husband earn, but here are some facts just about me:

1. Remember the three jobs I mentioned? They totaled about $25,000 annually during those years. I was far from abnormal in this; in fact, a lot of single people like me - with no help from a spouse or family, or anyone else - actually make less. And it's not because we don't work as hard as someone making four times as much (oh, how angry I get when I hear that a rich person has all they have because they "worked hard," like us lazy slags have all been sitting around instead masturbating or eating Cheetos all day) - sometimes it's the kind of job a person has or is qualified to do. Sometimes, as in my case, it's the economy and the fact you live somewhere where you don't know anybody and you're not related to anyone, and you just have to punt and hope you can feed yourself.

So, the reason I didn't buy health insurance those years I was between jobs that came with insurance isn't because I was wisely squirreling away that premium money for later on down the road, a rainy day - it's because I never had it to spend or squirrel in the first place. (My friend, who works for a large company and does have health insurance right now, won't go to the doctor with a bad knee because before insurance will pay out, she has to meet a rather large deductible ... the amount of which is a significant percentage of her annual salary. People should not be expected to exist this way, in this country.)

2. The monthly premium I was quoted for self-insurance in 2001 (well before you point out the ACA made it illegal) was in the hundreds of dollars - no children, no family plan, just me, with my history of NOT running to the doctor for every boo-boo (imagine if I had such a history then!). I admire you able to find "creative financing" to pay for serious illness treatments, but I challenge you to find any creative financing that allows a person making $15,000 (as I did that year, job-searching and working intermittently when I could find a job to do) to pay for rent, gas, food, car insurance (because there was no public transportation where I lived), even a cheap car, and health care. The bright side is that gas was not $4 in 2001.

Finally: I expect people will drop dead waiting for care, in a system that is designed to do just that.

The difference between waiting in line and now is the waiting in line option. You don't get to go stand in line at all when you can't pay for what's at the end of it, and nothing else will, either. At least with the ACA there's the promise of a line, is how I feel.

(DONE. I may never answer again if this is what it means, LOL!)
Apr. 21st, 2013 11:15 pm (UTC)
Re: pt. 3 (Jesus God, this went on)
Hugs.. I hate typing. Wish I could banter with you on the phone. =)


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