bonnie_halfelvn (bonnie_halfelvn) wrote,

Dragon*Con, You've Changed. Or I've Changed.

A lot of what this says applies to me with Dragon*Con. Especially, the getting-a-room part. Thankfully, I've had belluthien, who is willing to endure the stress of crashing sites and phones cutting her off to get a room before they sell out in five minutes. I just can't.

The waiting forever for celebrities part doesn't apply. I never did relish the idea of waiting for a brief conversation and an autograph with a celebrity. Who cares? And Galadriel does not wait. She will arrive fashionably late to avoid standing in a line (and sometimes even that doesn't work *cough*eveninginbree*cough*). And Galadriel will NEVER again wait outside in Hotlanta. For anything. Except the parade, but by nature, parades happen outside, so...

This year, for the first time since 2006, I will be skipping D*C altogether. I am looking forward to focusing my efforts on a quiet and intimate AL3P with my extended "family." It's Not You, It's Me - The Comicon Break Up
Tags: alep, costuming, dragon con, galadriel
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