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Los Angeles - Part 5

Monday, we had planned to go to the Fashion District, and after my injury, I decided to limit my walking to a 1-block area, where it seemed the best fabric stores were located. This was based on information from Alley Cat Scratch among others.

Kalvin was working, so Dom drove me. I decided to ride in the back seat, where I could put my foot up. Dom said he felt like my [hired] driver. I said I was going to start calling him “Jeeves.”

I enjoyed browsing the stores, but I knew I couldn’t do that for long. We headed for Michael Levine’s. This store is very popular, and they seem to only let in so many people at a time. I scanned the store, and decided I didn’t need to go in that badly.

We went to the loft above the Michael Levine’s home fabrics store. You can buy fabric for $2.50 a pound. This place was disappointing, as they had tons of dinky scraps of mostly stretch fabric. When I went through my own stash recently, I threw away scraps bigger than what they had. I did buy some stretchy light grey fabric. I figured I could add it to my Dark Galadriel costume, if I ever get around to finishing it. I also bought some black suit-weight woven fabric. Five yards of each cost me around $12.00.

At Em Bee’s, I got 7 yards of burgundy wool blend for $22 a yard (Dom generously paid for that – maybe to apologize for running over my foot). I plan to make a coat next year.

Across from Em Bee’s (I don’t recall seeing a name), I got the best price on chiffon. I thought about buying silk, but I wanted a LOT of it, and I had already bought polyester for my Galadriel dress bodice, so I opted for poly at $1.50 a yard. I bought twenty yards of white and twenty yards of red. I plan to make the same dress in red to wear for special occasions. Where else can you wear a long, white gown besides your own wedding?

The chiffon had to be shipped home, which was cheaper than I imagined it would be.

We met Kalvin for lunch. He vowed to take me for some good sushi. I’ve never had sushi, so I ordered something else and tried some of his. I don’t think I’ll ever go out of my way for it.

I spent the afternoon on the deck with my foot propped up and iced.

Later we walked a short distance to another restaurant with fancy food, where I learned how to pronounce “jicama.” But hey, I was able to tell Kalvin what quinoa is, so go me!


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