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Her voice was clear and musical, but deeper than woman's wont.

31 July
I'm a happily divorced working woman living in western PA. I work in the accounting department of a manufacturing company (won't talk about that much 'cause accounting's only interesting to other accountants).

I've been costuming for a few years. I have Galadriel from LOTR, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter, and Luminara Unduli from SW, Gerard Pierre - an early eighteenth-century first mate to Captain Julien Bel.

I love to sing. I have a diverse list of singing experiences, but am currently not involved in anything professional.

I've always been a quiet advocate for gay rights because I have a brother who is gay, but having made more lgbt friends, I have become more empassioned and more outspoken in my advocacy, and that is reflected here. I am also president of a local PFLAG chapter.